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Erica Figueroa


Meet Erica

Erica is a native New Yorker, currently residing on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist of 14+ years has been an incredible journey, providing a multitude of opportunities to work with clientele from all walks of life and throughout the country. Erica is extremely passionate about her work and perfecting her craft, which primarily involves in the color matching hard-to-find and discontinued cosmetic products. Erica is extremely attentive to her clients wants and needs, and works diligently to understand and bring to life her clients vision. She has been creating and recreating beautiful colors at Giella Custom blend Cosmetics for the past 8 years.

Location: MWS Pro Beauty

What Makeup Means to Me

Working with color and bringing it to life is the most exciting feeling!

Why do I love GIELLA?

What I love most about Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics is the magic it brings to life. It is a special experience, for both the client and myself, each time I hand craft makeup for a client. Each new product that I make reminds me of how exciting as it was the very first time I mixed at Giella. With endless possibilities, and an infinite world of creativity, it is unlike any other line you will ever experience. All whilst being paraben and cruelty free -  hand crafted just for you!


GIELLA Lipstick in Christmas Red
EYE M GLAM Highlighted
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