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Have you tried our bestselling Eye M Glam Highlighter? Eye M Glam was developed to give the industry a highlighter they needed to keep their celebrity clients glowing for television, photo shoots and on red carpets.


Eye M Glam is:

Celebrity makeup artist favorite
Sheer and natural, luminous glow
Minimizes pores, hi-def finish
Diffuses light, enhancing skin
Made with mineral pigments
Paraben-free, sulfate-free


Eye M Glam comes in two formulas: liquid (below) in Rose Glam and Eye M Glam.



And powder (below) in Eye M Glam. As well as GLAM Highlighter in Strobe, M Glam and Rose Glam.



We love to see how you wear your #EYEMGLAM! Below are some of our favorite images of Eye M Glam being worn by fans and on the clients of makeup artists around the world.


Credit: @thelouisemonique


Here (above) you can see how Eye M Glam is buildable to achieve the glow of your dreams! You can apply as many layers as necessary, while still having the highlighter blend into the skin rather than sit on top of the skin.


Shelby wears Liquid Rose Glam via @giellacustomblendcosmetics.


Eye M Glam can work with your makeup personality. Whether you like a heavier highlight, or a softer one Eye M Glam can do both. Either layer it on top of your cheekbones to create a “Blinding” highlight or apply it lightly to the skin for a subtle glow. Our gorgeous GIELLA model above is rocking a subtle glow with Eye M Glam liquid highlighter.


Credit: @joannabartistry

This best seller can be used in a variety of ways; on the tops of the cheekbones, underneath foundation, or mixed into foundation. Eye M Glam is perfect for all skin tones, and skin types. Whether you are oily, dry, or combination, Eye M Glam is the highlighter for you. Mix it into your foundation on the back of your hand, to create an all over luminous look.


Credit: @christinasikalias

ye M Glam is easy to apply, either with a clean finger or a brush, tap it into the skin on the tops of the cheekbones. Want more of a glow? Then tap more of the product into the eyebrow bone, the cupids bow, the chin, and the inner corner of the eyes (above)!


Credit: @makeupgoldie

Still not enough glow? Mix in a small amount of Eye M Glam with your body moisturizer and apply to your chest, arms, legs, and everywhere else! This will give you the glow fix you’ve been craving!


Destiny wears Liquid Eye M Glam via @giellacustomblendcosmetics.

You can even apply liquid Eye M Glam on the eye lids, as an eyeshadow! Our beautiful GIELLA model, Destiny (above), has liquid Eye M Glam on her chest and shoulders, cheekbones, eyelids, and inner corners. This look appears effortless, yet glowing!

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