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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I do to make my lipstick last longer?

Apply lip liner all over lips before applying lipstick, not just the outline. This also avoids demarcation between lipstick and liner. Also, try using powder under and over lipstick so it sets: lipstick, powder, blot, then repeat.


How do I get a thin line with eye liner?

Hold your head all the way back so you can see your lash line on top. Then apply your eyeliner pencil or brush on an angle, not at the point, at the base of your lashes. Make short strokes rather than a line, about 50 – 100 short strokes per eye across the lash line, still holding your head back.


How do I get the look of glowing skin that I see in the magazines?

Start with a hydrating moisturizer like the Ginseng + C serum or Cocktail of Oil all over the face. Then apply foundation with glowing additives in a soft pink, white or gold shimmer. Use powder lightly on T-zone only. Blend highlighter such as EYE M GLAM, B-dazzle or Beaming on cheek bones and brow bone for a luminous glow. For a very glowing look, press the Cocktail of Oil (avocoado, kukui and grapeseed oil blend) over your foundation and/or powder. Gently press the oil into the skin and let it absorb. You can also use a highlighting eyeshadow (such as Star Fruit or Quartz) to highlight cheekbones or brow bones.


How do I deal with the gray hairs growing in my eyebrows without plucking them?

Plucking gray hairs is not a good idea because it will cause holes in your brow. Instead, cover them up by running some tinted brow gel through them. GIELLA COSMETICS offers a variety of natural tints like Taupe and Brown Suede along with hard to find colors like Sphinx (Auburn) and Blond. These offer a safe, temporary cover that won’t flake or smudge and grooms brows as well. You can also use this in your hair too as a quick fix until you get to your colorist.


What's better, cream or powder blush?

It all depends on the skin condition and preference. Cream gives a more sheer, natural glow of color and powder is usually stronger in pigment and more matte. Go with the finish you like: dewy vs. matte…or a combination of both.


Do I really need brushes?

Yes, you need brushes. Brushes will blend, layer and distribute whatever you are applying more evenly to give that finished, polished look. However, you do not necessarily have to have 12 or more brushes. Keep it simple and have a minimum of 2 basic eye brushes, powder, blush, lip and liner brush. Take care of them by washing and conditioning the brush head and they will last for years!


What do you recommend – waterproof or water resistant mascara?

I recommend water resistant mascara for a number of reasons. First, it is easy to take off. Second, it wears well without smudging unless rubbed. Generally, water resistant mascaras are crease-proof, tear-proof, and smudge-proof. Thirdly, it is lighter on your lashes. Fourth, it is has more natural ingredients.

Waterproof mascara is good if you swim. However, it is much harder to take off. Your will need to use an oil base remover, and that is not so great for your eyes and irritating for contact lens wearers.


My eye shadow always seems to fade and crease. I have very oily eyelids. What do I do?

Eye shadow primers are an excellent option. For instance, GIELLA’s Magnetic Eye is a base for eye shadow that holds color all day without fading or creasing. It’s best to use Brush #10 because it deposits the primer more easily. Also, it keeps the extra oils in fingertips from depositing on the eyelid. I would recommend applying powder over eye shadow primers to set it. It’s an extra step but it’s worth it. It’s guaranteed to last all day!


How do I get rid of dark circles?

Dark circles can be the result of lack of sleep, stress, staring at the computer for long periods of time, not drinking enough water, working late hours and heredity. All of these can be minimized and controlled except for heredity.

Concealing dark circles requires a light and dark shade of concealer – blending the two colors back and forth. The GIELLA concealer is available in shades #1, #2, and #3 and are best used with Brush #10. Many people think it is best to use the lightest color to cover darkness, however, this will usually just highlight the darkness and look worse.

So take a little #3 concealer and place it on the darkness, then lighten it up with #1 or #2. If it still appears light, apply some more of #3, and if it still appears dark, apply some more of #1 or #2. Blending the colors will really help conceal the darkness and look natural.


How do I choose the right shade of red lipstick? It never looks good on me.

It all depends on each person’s unique coloring. Generally, if there is little contrast between your eye, hair and skin color, look for a red lipstick with medium intensity. For example, a red lipstick with a touch of brown is medium in color-- not too light or too dark—that would flatter most people who fall into this category. If there is a sharp contrast between your eye, hair and skin color, look for a red with more depth or brighter. For example, deeper, brighter reds would work best.


I have small lips…how can I make them look fuller?

First, start with a good lip primer, such as Lip Boostier, which will plump up the lips and hold the lip liner better. Lip Boostier has a silicone base that reduces the appearance of fine lines and creates the illusion of fuller lips. Apply it on and above the lips – it dries clear without any white residue. Also, try lip pencils and lipstick that are more natural and clear in color. Darker colors will push back lips and make them look smaller. The GIELLA lip pencil in Cranberry is a good choice for lining lips. Finally, lip gloss is always a great final step for making lips look wet, lush and fuller. Again, make sure the color is not too dark or too brown. Choose colors that are light to medium in value and medium to bright in intensity.


How can I make my eyes look bigger?

It depends on your eye shape. If you have the most common eye shape, a hooded eye, you will not want to apply your makeup as you might have been advised before: dark in the crease, light on top and medium on the lid. A hooded eye has more brow bone and very little crease so putting the darker color in the crease only closes it up. I would suggest putting a light color all over the eye and a medium to dark shade above your crease (on the ball of your eye) to push back the fleshy “hood.” Then go back with the light color above and below the darker shade. Also, watch if you are using eyeliner to make the line very, very close to the lashes. A thick line will only close the eyes and make the lids look even smaller. If you are using eyeliner (powder, pencil or liquid) apply a light color shadow right ABOVE not on top of the eyeliner so it will give you an added lift. Also, try using highlighter colors with a soft sheen rather than a matte texture.


Where do you put blush?

Most people apply blush too far up and too close to their eyes. Blush belongs two-fingers down from your eyes, start in the middle of your pupil and blend to the middle of your ear. Blush is too far up if it sits on top of your cheekbone. It should sit on and below the bone. Try softening the edges and setting blush with a light dusting of powder.



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