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GIELLA Certification


Custom Blending is the New Standard in Cosmetics!  
Become a GIELLA Certified Custom Blend Artist Today!
This 40 hour course will teach you how to mix and market your own custom blend cosmetics. You will learn color theory, formulating, and how to blend cosmetics on-the-spot. Imagine creating your own foundation, mineral highlighters, blush and powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss and skin care according to how you want them to look and perform! And the ability to control the color, density, texture and ingredients of each product you create.


This course will supply you with what you need to be your own chemist, making only what you need when you need it! With the GIELLA Blending Box you can create cosmetic products that are perfectly tailored to suit you and your makeup needs.


The GIELLA Blending Box Contains:
85 Blush, Powder, Mica, Glass, Glitter, Metal, & Fluorescent Pigments, Emollients, Transformers and Color Correctors to blend Liquid Foundations, Mineral Foundations, Setting Powders, Eyeshadows, Blush, Highlighters, Gel Liners And More. Plus our Blending Box includes a Heater and Glass Vials for mixing and pouring cream products such as Lipstick, Lip gloss, Cream Blush, Cake Liners etc. Our Blending Box also offers Lipstick Molds as well as a variety of Retail Components and Palettes to fill.


We will also teach you how to market this in your own company with GIELLA: sell through direct sales, or in brick and mortar retail locations.
Classes meet:
MWS Pro 245 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001
Phone: 917-699-1404
Hours: 9 – 6 PM

2018 Dates: 

January 8-12
March 19-23
June 4-8
August 13-17
October 15-19
December 3-7


$3300.00 ($500 deposit)
Post Graduate Support Includes:
• Easy Ordering With Your Appointed MMA Rep
• Ongoing Corporate Phone and Email Support
• Seasonal Newsletters with New Products and Formulations
• Listed As A Certified GIELLA Artist & Retailer On Our Website
• Social Media & Email Marketing Promotions
• Quick Order & Shipping Turn Around
• Electronic Updates to Training Manual
At A GIELLA Ambassador Level We Will Provide In Store Promotions.


Learn more and secure your spot for the course, contact us at:
giella@giella.com or 877-3GIELLA.


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