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Giella Wake up Routine

Let’s face it, we’re not all morning people. Some of us really need the snooze, extra large coffee and lot’s of inspirational motivation. Whether you didn’t get those eight hours of sleep or just want to fake that ready to face-the-day look, we’ve got GIELLA's expert tips to get you out the door beautifully.

01. Prep

Take 5 minutes and apply something cold to your under-eye area (cold spoons, frozen peas, cold tea bags) to sooth puffiness and inflammation. We love to put our Vitamin C Toner in the fridge to keep it cool and then dab on puffy eyes to calm. 

Giella vitamin-c-toner


02. Hydrate and Stimulate Skin

Give your skin a big drink a water with our Hyaluronic Acid that holds 1000x more moisture, smooths and refines.  

Giella anti-aging-hyaluronic-acid

You can also use our Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum specially formulated with Vitamins A and C, to help repair skin roughness while promoting cell regeneration and smoother skin.

"Mix your EYE M GLAM with our Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum to make an all-over hydrating glow that really brings your skin alive!" - GIELLA

Giella vitamin-c-ginseng-serum

03. Brighten Up

Use an illuminating and brightening foundation like our Liquid Foundation. Our foundation is color-corrected with a special formula using quartz minerals that diffuse light and make your skin look more radiant!


04. Focus on Eyes

Use a flesh color liner like our Eye Pencil in LIVELY on the water-line of your eyes. This is a game-changer and a trick I love to use on myself and my clients. It truly brightens and opens up the whole eye.


05. Shimmer From The Inside

Make eyes "pop" with some shimmer in the inner corners of eyes. Our best-selling EYE M GLAM in STROBE allows you to control how much you need.

Giella eye-m-glam


06. Hide the Bags

Conceal dark circles under the eye with our customer-favorite Concealer. Our concealer is not only color-corrected but formulated with soy butter to hydrate and help conceal fine lines and redness.

Giella concealer


07. Magic Wand

Open up your eyes like magic with our Mascara. Try GIELLA's Tip for maximum lash power: 

"My favorite tip is to hold your head all the way back and roll the brush under your lashes and flip them up; almost blinking into the mascara wand. Try it about 50 times; keep rolling!"


Giella mascara

08. Lighten Up Lips 

Dark lip shades can bring out redness in other areas of your face. When looking awake is key, grab a color that is close to your natural lip shade like our Spicy Mauve lipstick


Giella Spicy Mauve


"Voilá! A fresh makeup look that is all you, only more awake!" – Giella xo




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