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Trend: Must-Have Fall Lip Colors


The easiest way to update your beauty routine is with a new lip color. What's a better time then now? It's the start of a brand new season, there are new clothes to wear, and we couldn't agree more with Fashionista on the hot shades to try right now!

Romantic Pink
We're obsessed with dusty, moody pinks perfect for fall and winter. It's your everyday color with pop! Rose Glam is a perfect choice.

Burgundy Brown
Vary up your go-to neutral you've been wearing all summer with something a little darker and more mysterious. Try Rose Pop in our Fall Collection.
Purple flatters just about any skin tone (and, as a bonus, also happens to make your teeth appear whiter. We like ours in lip gloss form for depth and shine.
Lip Gloss
Our GETGLOSSED Customized Lip Gloss in puts you in control. Choose you color, shimmer and aroma online. Our lip gloss is non-sticky, paraben-free, nut-aware and saturated with pigment! Shelby is Love in our full formula.



Our Rose Gold Lipstick is a gorgeous neutral pink injected with gold flecks. So pretty on all skin tones and wearable day or night with the perfect hint of shimmer.




Crazy lip looks are not our everyday go-to so we created a holographic lip gloss that we would want to wear, more iridescent then all-out unicorn glam but subtle enough for day. Grab our Custom Mini Lip Gloss Trio where you get to pick the three colors you want. Choose "Superstition" for all that holographic goodness.


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