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Fake It: Fuller Lips

Many of us were not blessed with full, luscious lips. However, we can fake it with a few good makeup products to achieve those plumper lips! A lip liner, lipsticks, lip gloss, bronzer, and a highlighter will get the job done. 

First you want to line your lips. If you choose to over-line, make sure to not to get carried away! After lining the lips, you want to apply your darker shade of lipstick to the outer corners. For instance, take “Patty” lipstick and apply it to the edges and corners. Then take “Erica” and focus it on the center of the lips.

After applying the lipsticks, take the lip liner in the shade “Spiced” and draw a straight line down the center of the bottom lip. This will create poutier lips! You can then dab a high shine lip gloss that is infused with cinnamon aroma to the center of the lips. Cinnamon aroma is an all-natural lip plumper, this will help intensify your pout.

Once the lip colors are on, you can then take your bronzer and brush it underneath your bottom lip. This makes the shadow under your lip look larger, which will ultimately make your bottom lip look larger!

Lastly, apply a highlighter such as M Glam loose highlighter to your cupids bow to accentuate the top lip. Now you have the luscious full lips you’ve been dreaming for!

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