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February means continued patience for making it through the winter months. GIELLA is based in NYC, and by this time in the season our skin (and patience) is stressed from the wind and cold. 

I take extra care of my skin with treatments that keep it glowing and hydrated. I love to add a new cheek color into my beauty routine too. Our concealer, custom-matched to your skin tone, is a life-savor for masking imperfections and redness.

There is beauty in winter, celebrate the season by doing something you love. Bring some fresh flowers into your space if you need a spring preview and wrap up in a warm wrap with a glass of champagne. Cheers!


"Look inside yourself and find the inner beauty, it’s there!" - Giella


1. Makeup: GIELLA Multitasking Concealer

2. Fashion: warm scarves or wraps

3. Travel: New York City

4. Food: Risotto with root vegetables, mushroom and truffle oil 

5. Drink: Champagne

6. Skincare: GIELLA Renouveau

7. Flower: White Roses 




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