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Happy New Year! January brings so much new possibilities and gives us the chance to start fresh. Whether you make new year's resolutions or not, make sure to laugh a lot and spend time doing the things you get enjoyment out of. 

Give your skin extra TLC this month. Harsh weather and the holiday season can take its toll. Moisturize, exfoliate and continue to protect with sunscreen (yes, even in winter). Try a liquid highlighter to stay glowing, and a shade of rose to enhance your natural lip color.


"Do what you love and you will never have worked a day in your life." - Giella


1. Makeup: Rose Glam Liquid Highlighter

2. Fashion: Warm Hats (vegan)

3. Travel: Switzerland

4. Food: Butternut Squash Linguine (or Frutti de Mare for our Pescatarians)

5. Drink: Sangeria infused with fruits and spices; served heated

6. Skincare: Hyaluronic Acid topped with Cocktail of Oils

7. Flower: Orchids





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