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Is it November already? With Halloween behind us, colorful leaves on the trees fading fast, and our winter coats making a few appearances, it's officially time to prepare for the holidays ahead. Make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy all your festivities!

My November Favorites...

Berry Lips with a matte luminous finish like our Lipstick in Chianti.

A flawless face with our Mineral Loose Powder with Brush #11

Responsible fashion with Luxurious FAUX Fur Scarves. 

Delicious comfort food like Bolognese Sauce over Gnocci.

The romance of Rome, Italy!


This time of year can be busy, so i've selected my favorite gifts of beauty to give (and receive) for everyone on your list in our Holiday Shop here


"Take the time to look at yourself every day and know how special you are!" - Giella 



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