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Many of us have busy lifestyles, and sometimes going to the gym can only be squeezed in on a lunch break during work, or in-between errands. We all know what we look like after a quick gym session, and if you have to go somewhere straight after you’re going to need some on-the-go beauty products. Here's our expert tips for an easy, post-workout routine to keep you glowing.



The TSA-approved Essential Skincare Kit is a perfect fit for your gym bag with everything you need in portable sizes. Mist on the Revitalizing Lavender Spray to refresh the skin, hands and feet. Our Gentle Cleansers will exfoliate and clean out pores. The Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum will add hydration to the skin. 

Our Mini Airless Pumps are ideal for a post-yoga or cycle session. Each one is $12 and comes in Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum, Renouveau Green Tea formula, Rose Glam Liquid Highlighter, EYE M GLAM Liquid Highlighter and Matte Defy Pore Minimizer.



The 5ml Matte Defy Pore Minimizer is a great product for after a workout. Especially if you plan to keep all your makeup on, you can control oil and shine by using this overtop of your makeup. Just apply to the areas that are extra oily with a gentle pat with clean fingers. It also reduces the appearance of pores and perfects skins surface. Makes a great serum under foundation if you are reapplying that post-workout.



EYE M GLAM and Rose Glam Liquid Highlighter's are gym bag essentials, and both come in our 5ml size. EYE M GLAM is great for darker complexions and Rose Glam for fair skin. After you mattify your face, you want to bring back a healthy "lit-from-within" luminous glow to cheeks and brow bone. This highlighter is lightweight, so it will not feel heavy when applied over other products.  


Our 3-in-1 Cheek Tint is a multi-tasking must-have. Save space in your gym bag with one product that does so much! This highly pigmented formula has the ease of a cream blush with the staying power of a powder blush. Easy to use, it glides on the skin without looking heavy or blotchy; an instant glow of color for cheeks, lips and eyes. 

A shade such as “Spicy Mauve” could cancel out any redness that occurred during your workout. This product is also light and can be layered on top of other beauty products without separating. Mineral, paraben-free, and conditioned with soy/shea butter.

 Mascara is the one finisher to your look that pulls it all together. Mascara can tend to wear away with added physical activity or come off completely with sweat. Make sure to touch up your lashes with a fresh coat. PRO TIP: watch our expert how-to on rolling mascara below!  




Top photo by bruce mars on Unsplash.



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