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Lipstick Shades That Brighten Your Smile


We always want our teeth to look as white as can be, but sometimes we can pick out the wrong lipstick shade and quite the opposite can happen. Let us show you what lipstick shades will make your grin even whiter!


GIELLA Lipstick Shade in Christmas Red

Who doesn’t love a red lip? But some red lipsticks can make your teeth look yellow. To avoid that, you want to stay away from orange/reds and pick up blue/reds. Keep in mind that some red lipsticks that contain orange may not be as visible as others, so the shade looks great on. This goes for all shades as well, it depends on which shades are more visible than others. Try it on and take a selfie in good light to really see the effect.


GIELLA Lipstick Shade in Alison

Coral/pinks are another shade to steer clear of if you want that beaming white smile. Instead of a coral shade, opt for a cooler toned light pink like the one above.


GIELLA Lipstick Shade in Chianti

Every now and again well want to rock a statement lip color. A statement lip is a great chance to make your smile standout without touring it dull and yellow. When it comes to selecting a dark purple, deep red, or dark pink (like above) you want to go with a shade in the "berry" family. Berry shades help to brighten up your teeth and create that wow-factor!





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