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NYFW Recap

It's no secret around the GIELLA office that we adore fashion. And just like all fashion fans, we get very excited when New York Fashion Week comes around.

This past February we were honored to sponsor two incredibly talented makeup artists with GIELLA Cosmetics: Elizabeth Cook (New York Fashion Week Red Dress Event, and a GIELLA Brand Influencer) and Dana Arcidy (Hong Kong Trade Development Show). We've caught up with these two busy beauties for a recap of their experience to share some behind-the-scenes fun with you!


Elizabeth Cook

What was your experience like at the Red Dress Event?

It's always so wonderful working this event, not only is it fun and inspiring being around all those powerful women, but it's also for an amazing cause. This was my second year doing the show and I always leave feeling empowered! 

Elizabeth was paired with Maureen McCormick, who famously played Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch! 



What did you think of the products you received?

I love the products (so did my client)! I started with a quick face massage with Cocktail of Oils, which prepped her skin perfectly for the rest of the look. The Smoothing Lip Pencil, Cheek Tint, and black waterproof gel eyeliner, Liquid Rose Glam Highlighter, and EYEMGLAM and MGLAM powder highlighters were perfect for giving her the look she desired. Smokey and glowy all night long!



Dana Arcidy

What was your experience like at the Hong Kong Trade Development?

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council put on a fun show. There were three different designers, so I had female and male models, and I was pleased to see that there was also ethnic diversity in their casting. We got to do three different makeup looks as well, which is always fun. There weren't too many models, so it was less hectic than many other shows I've done, and that was nice, because it gave me time to really perfect my models' skin and play around with the products.




What did you think of the products you received?

I thought the products were beautiful! The highlighter creates such a pretty glow, and is natural and luminous instead of glittery like some other highlighters I've tried. It makes it look like the skin is alive and healthy, and also photographs well. The cream eyeliner was another favorite. It was easy to apply and had a nice consistency – I could smudge it or make it more defined. All of the products were very well formulated and came in pretty shades.






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