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Recent Press at GIELLA!

We recently had Buzzfeed, Insider Beauty, and CosmoTimes from SinoVision come to learn more about Custom Makeup with GIELLA! 

Buzzfeed stopped in February to film a video feature on getting a full face of custom makeup created. We made their team custom lip gloss, foundation, cheek tint, concealer, and nail polish! They posted a teaser video on Top Knot Beauty (Buzzfeeds Beauty Channel) via Facebook. So far, the video has over 10.8 million views! They also posted on their Youtube page, which has over 2 million views. Our video was pinned to the top of Buzzfeed's Facebook feed for two weeks as the featured video. Thank you Buzzfeed!



In March we had Insider Beauty come and shot a video of custom nail polish, eye pencil, concealer, and eyeshadow (L’Orange) made just for them. This video has over 500,000 views on Facebook and over 100,000 on views on Instagram. Thank you Insider Beauty!



SinoVision came and shot a video that aired on their show Cosmo Times that featured custom makeup for Asian skin and fair skin that included makeovers done by GIELLA. The GIELLA team made custom concealer, foundation, lip gloss, and lipstick formulated specifically for the two models. Thank you CosmoTimes!



We are happy and excited to share all of the buzz about Giella! Check out our locations to book your appointment or order online! If you’re a makeup artist or beauty professional stop by our booth at The Makeup Show on May 7th and 8th!



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