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You may have seen something called "Spider Lashes" popping up with fall beauty trends. 

This may seem like an upcoming Halloween look but Spider Lashes have been around for decades, really taking off during the height of the 1960's. Everything old is new again, right? We love looking to the past for inspiration, so we've pulled some glamorous women wearing this look beautifully to inspire you to try the trend today.

Get the Look

Start with a coat of primer to your lashes.

Next, apply a generous coat of mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Then, dip your eyeshadow brush into loose powder and carefully powder your lashes. Apply a second coat of mascara.

If you want a heavier look, apply a third coat.

To really exaggerate it, use tweezers to squeeze a few lashes together into star points.


Jean Harlow

"Have fun with this look no matter your age or beauty routine. Spider Lashes are very wearable, it's all about how much drama you want to bring to your lashes. Experiment and have fun!" - Giella


Diana Ross

Patty Boyd

Judy Pace

Liza Minnelli

Cover image: Twiggy



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