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Spring 2017: Color Pop

Spring 2017 is the time to bring out your daring side. The GIELLA beauty experts have teamed up to bring you our Color Pop Collection. Color Pop brings back the fun of the 80's, with a wearable and sophisticated feel. This trend gives you the freedom to choose which aspect of your face you want to accentuate. Here are some fun ways to spruce up your makeup routine as the temps warm up.

The biggest trend this season was blush bomb. Hot designers like Adam Selman, Christian Sariano and Kenzo added a fun twist to rouge by applying it upward to the temples and even the eyelids. Draping your blush is the new contour. This trend is the most wearable of the season and there is a version for every beauty personality. 


Get the Blush Bomb Look

Using Brush #2 or Brush #14 apply Shimmer Pop or Glow Pop blush on and underneath the cheekbones.

Using whatever pigment is left over on the brush, sweep it upward into the temples ending on your eyelids. For more intensity repeat two or three times. The sparkle in these two blushes can also be used as a highlighter.  



Lip color that pops! Want to look polished in a flash? Let your lips do the talking. Chanel, Jason Wu and Versus all had statement lips with almost bare skin. Cushnie et Oches went one step further with a two toned lip look. 



Get the Loud Mouth look

 Always start by priming the lips with GIELLA's Smooth Lips. Apply this on your lips and blend outward past the lip line. Then line lips with Cream Pop or Poppy Pop lip liner. Fill in your lips with Rose Pop, Coral Pop or Cherry Pop Lipstick. Finish by adding a little Warm Pop or Petal Pop lip gloss to the center of your lips.
If you're feeling uninhibited and want to try a two toned look, start by filling your upper lip with a one shade of lip pencil and not the bottom. Try a pink or coral. Then apply lipstick to your lower lip in the opposite shade from what you used on your top lip. You can also try two shades of one color (pink, red, coral) to keep it subtle. Skip the gloss to prevent the colors from blending. This look is matte.

Skin was bare and glossy. Lanvin, Margiela and Prada were a few runways that sported this intense cheekbone highlight. Hydrating moisturizer and shimmering highlighter are key to achieving this healthy glowing look. 


Get Beaming Minimal Skin

Start by hydrating the skin with GIELLA’s Cocktail of Oils Serum all over the face. Then apply GIELLA BB Cream or a light layer of GIELLA Liquid Foundation. Slightly enhance your complexion with a dusting on bronzer. Finally apply a generous amount of Rose Glam Liquid Highlighter on your cheekbones, chin, down your nose and on your brow bone. You want to give the illusion that you are sweating diamonds!


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