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Essential Skincare Kit - Giella

Essential Skincare Kit

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Our GIELLA Essential Skincare Kit is filled with deluxe samples of our Vitamin E Cleansing Gel, Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum, Renouveau, Gentle Eye Cleanser, Vitamin C Toner and Revitalizing Lavender Spray. Perfect for vacation (TSA approved size!), a long weekend, or to try out our skincare line.


Vitamin E Cleansing Gel

Our gentle cleanser will clean your skin and take off your eye makeup without leaving it dry. You can save a step in your routine and skip exfoliation as we've added Vitamin E beads into the cleanser so when they hit water, they will emulsify and leave your skin feeling hydrated. Men love this too! Directions: Use daily at night.

Vitamin C + Ginseng Serum

Created to stimulate dry, dehydrated skin. Our serum combines Vitamins A and C to help repair skin roughness while promoting cell regeneration, smoother skin and  increased production of collagen. Vitamin E is a natural moisture binder and highly effective anti-oxidant. Directions: Use daily in the morning.

Gentle Eye Cleanser

Our GIELLA gentle eye cleanser is an oil-free lotion that gently removes all makeup without causing skin irritation to the delicate eye area. Directions: Use daily at night.


Renouveau is our Glycolic Acid and Japanese Green Tea formula that counters the effect of photo damage and premature aging while it accelerates the removal of dead skin cells. It is 10% Glycolic acid with a 3.5% ph formula, making it gentle with no burning. It works and it feels good! Directions: Use daily at night.

Vitamin C Toner

This tonic combines the effect of floral and plant infusions with the soothing properties of chamomile to provide a refreshing coolness and gentle stimulation. Directions: Use daily in the morning.

Revitalizing Lavender Spray

An invisible liquid with lavender essential oil. Spray on for an instant way of cooling, calming and invigorating tired feet and legs. After a long day on your feet or when traveling on a plane, spray away and feel the relief! Directions: Use anytime!

“Our skincare collection is a very easy system to use. It’s about having less products that do more for your skin.” – Giella



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