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Katrina Barrion


Meet Katrina

Katrina Barrion is the creative director for GIELLA Cosmetics known for her natural yet chic approach toward makeup. With over 10 years of experience Katrina has developed a reputation of making women feel like a polished version of themselves. While actively working as a makeup artist, she is also the creative force behind GIELLA's seasonal color releases. Katrina is an energetic world traveller and she uses her experiences and keen eye for fashion in order to keep the brand cutting edge.

Location: Oscar Blandi 545 Madison Ave. 2nd floor New York, NY 10022

What Makeup Means to Me

To me makeup allows people to go about their day with a bit more confidence and positivity.

Why do I love GIELLA?

I love GIELLA Cosmetics because the possibilities are endless. I can create any color, texture and finish. I also love that the products are natural.


Cranberry Lip Pencil
Cream Foundation Compact
Lively Eye Pencil
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