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Cocktail of Oils

Cocktail of Oils

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One of our favorite cocktails: Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E and Grapefruit Essential Oil. It goes right into the skin, giving it a natural glow without being too heavy.

Avocado Oil offers both superior lubricating and skin-nourishing qualities with its deep penetration and high levels of essential skin-care vitamins such as A, D, E and K. Avocado oil has the highest penetration rate of any plant oil, which makes it the most effective agent for healing skin care mixtures.

Grapeseed Oil is a pale green light moisturizer, high in linoleic acid. It’s a gentle oil - thinner, silkier and more absorbent than most oils. It is a good choice for those with nut allergies.

Jojoba Oil is a botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree (Simmondsia chinenis). Technically it is not actually an oil, but rather what is called a wax ester. Why do we care? Because out of all of the compounds in nature, this wax ester is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum). It is theorized that applying jojoba to the skin can "trick" the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production.


Normal to dry skin. Use in dry areas or a primer for a glowing finish. 


Good for those with nut allergies.

Use the cocktail of oil on bare skin or on top of your serums. Apply 1-2 drops on your hand and gently sweep the oil around your eyes and cheeks. Also, try taking a dab of this oil and press it around your eyes when you are feeling a little tired during the day.

Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E and Grapefruit Essential Oil.





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